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Maybe it was Memphis.

Maybe it was growing up in a family of artists. Maybe it was the fact that I spent most of my life surrounded by some of the most creative people in the south- musicians, actors, designers, and photographers. Or maybe it was the time I spent in grad school studying landscape design and urban planning.


Whatever it was, a love of creating beautiful things is in my blood, and that love has stayed with me as life has taken me from my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee to Auburn University and now to the North Georgia mountains. 


My works are influenced by my background in landscape architecture and my love of all things southern. I am interested in how we interact with the land, how we move through it, and how the land affects our lives. Music is also a big part of my life, and I find myself using music as inspiration for my pieces quite a bit.


My style is inspired by the folk art I was surrounded by growing up in Memphis, and I draw inspiration from my favorite artists such as Monet, Grant Wood, and Walter Anderson.


Using oil pastels, acrylics, pencil, and salvaged wood, I try to create images that have meaning and beauty.

If you’d like to know more, or to purchase an original work, please contact me!



Photograph by Julie Zorn Shipp

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