Title: "Intersections"

Size: 20 inches wide, 20 inches tall, 1.5 inches deep

Acrylic on canvas


Acrylic painting of depicting an historic railroad trestle crossing over an interstate. This is one of my few paintings that depicts an actual location, which I found out is named the CSX Running Water Trestle Bridge, which is along Interstate 24 between Chatanooga and Nashville, just south of the Tennessee River.


I've always loved this spot. It's a beautiful area in the foothills of the appalacian mountains, and as I was driving through recently, I started to think about the intersections happening here. There are two very different time periods represented here, and two modes of transportation. Not to mention humans intersecting and interacting with the landscape. Whatever it is, this spot has always grabbed my attention, so I painted it.




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